About Us

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Tigris Birds Choir In 2008 a woman who loved Iraqi culture, by idea of Basad Idan, Tigris Birds choir started . Today Tigris Birds consists of Iraqi female singers who sing folkloric songs in a traditional Iraqi manner. And they want to convey a message of peace and love throughout the world. When mystro Alaa Majeed started training the group he added a new dimension to their technique by focusing on scientific and academic lessons Using solfège exercises he managed to improve the technique of all choir members The choir is actively against violence, terrorism, injustice and especially the discrimination of women. So far Tigris’s’s Birds has documented and recorded more than 72 traditional Iraqi songs for distribution to differentradio stations and libraries in Arab- and European countries. Tigris’s’s Birds arranges and participates in different festivals and other cultural arrangements. Through their songs Tigris birds promotes and advocate for the concept of equality and human rights. Tigris’s’s Birds have performed 4 times in Stockholm. The first concert was in Kista Träff 2009. The second and third concerts were held at Nybrokajen in 2010 and 2011. Thefourth concert was held at Södra Teatern in 2012. Furthermore Tigris’s’s birds participated at the InternationalMaalouf music festival in Constantine, Algeria. The Swedish State Television (Sveriges Television) hasproduced a documentary film about us which was awarded many prices. In 2014 Tigiris Birds where appointed ambassadors of peaceby the Swiss organisation Non-Violence. During 2014, the choir is planning and training for their fifth concert. The Choir’s premier record was produced in 2012. It became a success and showed a real interest for their music from the rest of the world, leading to a hope of producing more records in the future.